EPT9 Grand Final: Max Lykov wins €101,010 as Jan Bendik seals Player of Year title

Team PokerStars Pro Max Lykov last night won €101,020 in a three-way chop at a final table that all but sealed Jan Bendik's grip on the EPT 9 Player of the Year title. Lykov chopped the money three-ways with countrymen Dmitry Grishin and Dmitrii Grinenko.

Lykov came close to a trophy at EPT Berlin where he bust out of the High Roller in fourth place for €102,900, which you can read about here. It was Bendik's turn to finish fourth here and he picked up €28,400, giving him his second cash of the festival after he won the €1k No-Limit Hold'em turbo two days ago for €39,400.

Bendik's final table finish gives him a further 420 points ahead in the Season 9 Player of the Year race. Bendik, 48, from Poprad, has snagged nearly €200,000 in winnings during Season 9, having cashed in a total of 12 events and is pretty much a lock for the win.

Among the others who cashed in the event were Steven van Zadelhoff, Konstantin Puchkov, Xuan Liu, Salman Behbehani, Cesar Garcia Dominguez, Henri Kasper and Steven van Zadelhoff.

EPT9 Monaco, event #15
Date: 9-10 May, 2013
Buy-in: €2,150
Game: NLHE
Players: 200
Prize pool: €388,000


Max Lykov

1. Max Lykov, Russia, Team PokerStars Pro, €101,020
2. Dmitry Grishin, Russia, €65,280
3. Dmitrii Grinenko, Russia, €51,000
4. Jan Bendik, Slovakia, €28,400
5. Artem Metalidi, Ukraine, €23,200
6. Paulo Figueiredo Ribeiro, Brazil, €18,200
7. Steven van Zadelhoff, Netherlands, €14,200
8. Konstantin Puchkov, Russia, €10,500
9. Jacques Der Megreditchian, France, €8,200
10. Xuan Liu, Canada, €8,200
11. Andrei Konopelko, Belarus, €7,400
12. Joe Kuether, USA, €7,400
13. Henri Kasper, Estonia, €6,600
14. Salman Behbehani, Kuwait, €6,600
15. Liutauras Armanavicius, Lithuania, €5,800
16. Samir Moukawem, Lebanon, €5,800
17. Tatiana Barausova, Russia, PokerStars Team Online, €5,050
18. Anatoli Vereshchagin, Russia, €5,050
19. Shinya Shimada, Japan, €5,050
20. Cesar Garcia Dominguez, Spain, €5,050

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