EPT9 Grand Final Super High Roller: Double bubble toil and trouble

"They're finally thinking about that €218K money jump," said Isaac Haxton, sitting in the EPT Live commentary booth. He was talking about a notable slow down in action at what has now become a single table tournament. A single table tournament for close to five million euros.

There are nine players around this table now, but the money doesn't kick in until only seven remain. Two people need to be eliminated before we know who has cashed in this Super High Roller event and before they can all go home for the night and prepare for the final tomorrow. It's a great spot to be in and also a horrible one; you'd want to have a ticket to this lottery but you'd hate to lose.

A quick reminder of what they are playing for:

1 - €1,746,400
2 - €1,115,700
3 - €679,100
4 - €485,100
5 - €339,500
6 - €266,900
7 - €218,300

So it's worth taking seriously.


Vladimir Troyanovsky: Super High Roller

We are accustomed on the European Poker Tour to a period we refer to as the pseudo final table, essentially the nine-handed stage of proceedings when we need to lose one more before the official final table is set. The last nine players convene around a single table, but they know one of them will need to fall before play wraps for the day.

Even when all players are already in the money and we only need to lose one more, it can take aaaaaagggggeeeees to happen. In Berlin earlier this month, for instance, it took more than four hours to go from nine to eight, about as long as it took to go from 200 to 80.

That situation is even more extreme here in Monaco. There's a final table to fill and then a massive bubble looming. It's like a double bubble, which will likely mean plenty of toil and trouble.

Stick with those hand-by-hand updates to see how it all pans out or watch on EPT Live.


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