EPT9 Grand Final: Zachary Korik wins career-best €152,020, Bonomo misses podium

American grinder Zachary Korik last night won the €5,300 NLHE 8-handed for €152,020, blowing out his previous career-best live score out the water. Korik made a three-way deal with Alejandro De Arruabarrena and PCA 2013 final tablist Andrey Shatilov after knocking out Juston Bonomo out of the big money. Bonomo still collected €54,900 so no need to shed any tears on his account.

EPT winner Martin Finger just missed out on the final table as did PCA High Roller champ Alex Bilokur and heavy breather Dan O'Brien.


Justin Bonomo

EPT9 Monaco, event #9
Date: 8-9 May, 2013
Buy-in: €5,300
Game: NLHE 8-handed
Players: 151
Prize pool: €732,350


Zachary Korik

1. Zachary Korik, USA, €152,020
2. Alejandro De Arruabarrena, Argentina, €130,470
3. Andrey Shatilov, Russia, €151,710
4. Justin Bonomo, USA, €54,900
5. Asker Aloev, Russia, €43,900
6. Elior Sion, UK, €36,600
7. Andras Nemeth, Hungary, €29,300
8. Brendon Rubie, Australia, €22,050
9. Fady Kamar, Lebanon, €16,300
10. Mikhail Korotkikh, Russia, €16,300
11. Martin Finger, Germany, €14,600
12. Adrian Aston, UK, €14,600
13. Alex Bilokur, Russia, €13,100
14. Thomas Petit, France, €13,100
15. Kyle Cheong, Australia, €11,700
16. Dan O'Brien, USA, €11,700

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