EPT9 London Day 1B: A corner of some significance

Upstairs in a faraway corner of the tournament room at the Vic three tables play on. Tables seven, eight and nine are cut off slightly from the rest of the room. They're up three steps where the restaurant used to be, behind a glass partition.

The tables that play on, featuring Davidi Kitai and ElkY, may not seem much but they conjure up memories from the EPT seven seasons ago. For such a small space this little corner saw some action.

Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier

First of all the closing stages of the main event took place in this area. As the tables were whittled down they were concentrated more and more into this corner and featured some prominent players.

Tom Parker-Bowles (whose mother will become queen at some point in the future) played here, although he fell short of cashing. Another to fall short was Ville Wahlbeck. Not then a Team Pro, Wahlbeck bubbled that year while the likes of Ram Vaswani, Richard Gryko and Tony Bloom would finish in the money.

But it was a corner of more than just cards. It was here that Isabelle Mercier and Bengt Sonnert started chatting, playing a few hours of poker alongside each other. Then Mercier busted the Swede, confessing moments later that she hadn't even had time to ask him out.

It was also where eventual winner Mark Teltscher showed some first flashes of arrogance. After eliminating the very gracious Greg Raymer, Teltscher insisted that the chips were pushed his way immediately while the rest of the table went intent on shaking Raymer's hand.

Season 2 winner: Mark Teltscher

Teltscher would go on to win the event and pick up £280,000 after a final featuring Jonas Helness, Kiril Paul King and Kiril Garasimov. Those were the days.

There was one other appearance that went unnoticed that week. Surviving in that far corner as four tables were reduced to three tables and then two, was a young American player. He finished in 12th place, missing the final table. His name was Tom Dwan.

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Stephen Bartley is a PokerStars Blog reporter