EPT9 London Day 2: From Finland to the Falkland Islands, the EPT nationality pie-chart

The arrival to reporters' inboxes of the full and final list of players at an EPT Main Event is exciting for more than just the obvious reasons. We are delighted, of course, to know exactly who we will be watching over the coming week, but it also means that sooner or later we'll be receiving a "nationality pie-chart", which breaks down the field into their respective countries and tells us which nations have the potential to over/under achieve.

That pie-chart arrived a short while ago, and it told us officially what we perhaps already knew: most of the players at the London leg of the EPT, which combined with the United Kingdom and Ireland Poker Tour, come from the United Kingdom and Ireland. Go figure.


EPT London nationality pie chart

Indeed, 145 players from the starting field of 647 came from the UK, with another nine from Ireland. That represents slightly less than 24 per cent of the total field, and suggests that there should be two Brits at this week's final table, if the ratio stays throughout.

Britain's "special relationship" with the United States is also in full evidence this week. In exchange for military support in conflicts across the globe, Great Britain has permitted 43 Americans to enter its flagship poker tournament. That's 7 per cent, and should represent one seat at least at the final table.

Other EPT mainstays - Germany, France, Italy, Spain - are also well represented, likewise Canada, from which a healthy smattering of PokerStars qualifiers usually arrive. Lebanon, the "Country of the Year" from EPT season eight, have their usual allocation: 15 players are here, and there's little doubt one or more of them will go deep.

Checking a little further down the list of nationalities is always a rewarding experience, and this tournament field is no exception. There is someone here from New Zealand, plus a couple from India and four from Azerbaijan.

There is also, for perhaps the first time, a player here from Ghana. Ghassan Bitar didn't make it through day one, but it's a pleasure to have a player from West Africa. As a rule, Africa is greatly under-represented at these major poker events, but gradually we have noticed some players gradually appearing. Mohammed Barkatul, from Uganda, also played here.

A big hand, though, for a little known player (!) named Jens Kyllonen who has come to London all the way from the Falkland Islands. Yeah, yeah, so this sounds unlikely, but Kyllonen has definitely appeared on our list as being from the British overseas territory.

Theories differ for how this is possible. Most prosaic, and most likely, is that this is an administrative error (perhaps Falkland Islands is only one key press away from "Finland" in a drop-down list). But according to members of the Finnish press, Kyllonen has recently been travelling to Australia, Brazil and Argentina, so he may have just popped over, won his seat, and somehow got himself a Falklands Islands address.


Jens Kyllonen, the Falklands Islands' finest?

The easiest way to have settled all this would have been to ask him, of course, but he was knocked out on day one and hasn't been seen since. We'll ask him if he resurfaces for the High Roller.

EPT9 London player nationalities:

(Country, players, percentage)

UK 145 22%
USA 43 7%
France 41 6%
Germany 41 6%
Canada 32 5%
Italy 31 5%
Spain 31 5%
Sweden 30 5%
Netherlands 21 3%
Russia 20 3%
Portugal 17 3%
Lebanon 15 2%
Belgium 13 2%
Finland 13 2%
Norway 11 2%
Poland 11 2%
Greece 9 1%
Ireland 9 1%
Romania 9 1%
Denmark 8 1%
Switzerland 8 1%
Austria 7 1%
Lithuania 7 1%
Brazil 6 1%
Hungary 6 1%
Australia 5 1%
Bulgaria 5 1%
Israel 5 1%
Azerbaijan 4 1%
Cyprus 4 1%
Mexico 3
Slovakia 3
Argentina 2
Belarus 2
China 2
Czech Republic 2
Estonia  2
India 2
Serbia 2
Slovenia  2
Armenia  1
Croatia 1
Egypt 1
Falkland Islands 1
Ghana 1
Kuwait 1
Latvia 1
Malta 1
Montenegro 1
New Zealand  1
Pakistan 1
Qatar 1
Saint Kitts and Nevis 1
Singapore 1
Taiwan  1
Uganda 1
Ukraine  1
Uruguay 1


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Howard Swains
@howardswains in European Poker Tour