EPT9 London Day 3: Ode to Salvatore Bonavena

As the clock ticks down on another day of the EPT London main event, it struck me that it must be good to be Salvatore Bonavena.

The Italian pro dresses well, is never far from his trademark hat, and is sensible enough to have worn a sweater today to face the English cold. He's always calm and is generally well-liked. He has cult status. He also has a nice watch.

Playing wise he is regularly successful. He's won an EPT in Prague but before that he'd cashed 11 times in Italy. Since then he's cashed a further 40 times, around the world, winning an IPT title and finishing third in a WSOP event. That adds up to more than $2.5 million. He's also the only Bonavena you find when you type his name into the Hendon Mob database.

Salvatore Bonavena

Right now he's smiling, joking with the British players sitting next to him, and he doesn't even speak English. And yet he looks like he's having the time of his life, proving that it is okay to enjoy winning and losing at high stakes poker.

His stack's a little short perhaps, but he's won of five former champions still in the field. Yes, it must be good to be Salvatore Bonavena.

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Stephen Bartley is a PokerStars Blog reporter