EPT9 London Day 4: Day of destiny for Steve O'Dwyer, day of delights for all

The penultimate day at EPT London had to end with eight players. That much had been decreed from on high from the earliest seasons and chiseled into stone. But even though we started today with only 15 players, and needed to shed only seven, numerous variables remained that could influence the complexion of our final eight.

Anything was possible. By the time players bagged their chips tonight, we could have been looking at the prospect of a potential double champion. We could have had a table of all-time superstars, online and off. We also knew, of course, that we could have had a couple of cartoon handfuls of the lesser-known lights; such is the variance of this game.

But if you take a look at the line up for our final table below, you can see that we are in for an absolute treat. Admittedly, we lost Nicolas Chouity, so we won't be crowning any two-time champion this week. But how do you like these apples?

EPT9 London Final Table Line-Up

Seat 1 - Mantas Visockis, Lithuania, 1,510,000
Seat 2 - Olof Haglund, Sweden, 2,755,000
Seat 3 - Ruben Visser, Netherlands, 3,640,000
Seat 4 - Steve O'Dwyer, United States, 5,270,000
Seat 5 - Chris Moorman, United Kingdom, 1,075,000
Seat 6 - Theo Jorgensen, Denmark, 1,550,000
Seat 7 - Tamer Kamel, United Kingdom, 960,000
Seat 8 - Christopher Frank, Germany, 2,570,000

As Mickey Petersen says:

Seats three through six are occupied by some bona fide giants of the modern game. Theo Jorgensen is a member of Team PokerStars Pro, who has been making final tables since season two. He is also on his comeback to poker after being robbed and shot late last year, and is chasing a triple crown. He is now at our final.


Theo Jorgensen: I'm back

Chris Moorman is the biggest winner from online multi-table tournaments in the world. Ever. He has more than $9m in recorded online cashes, which is about $2m more than anyone else. He is being supported by a vocal British rail. He is now at our final too.


Chris Moorman talks with his friend and supporter Toby Lewis

Ruben Visser has been winning online events for fun, even as he continued his real life university studies. He has proven himself to be a real scholar of poker too, both online and off, and is making yet another deep run on the EPT. He formerly made the PCA final table and he is now at our final too.


Ruben Visser: This has been coming

Our chip-leader, though, is rapidly becoming one of the most recognisable and feared players in the game. The last time the EPT rolled into London, only the irresistible force of Benny Spindler could shift the immovable object that is Steve O'Dwyer. But while Spindler opted to give Britain a miss this time around, O'Dwyer is back and looking more focused than ever.


Steve O'Dwyer: This time?

O'Dwyer has made 19 (nineteen!) final tables in the 17 months since the last EPT London, including another EPT final (in Copenhagen), one on the WPT (in Las Vegas) and results at the PCA, in Austria, Italy and the Czech Republic. He takes the biggest stack to the final table and will be many commentators' pick to finally break his duck on the EPT.

Relatively little is known about the other four players at the table, but each appears to have plenty of potential too. Twitter has been exploding with love for Tamer Kemal. Christopher Frank, at only 18, has been showing the more experienced players how it's done on the feature table all day.


Christopher Frank celebrates a huge hand against Niall Farrell

Mantas Visockis was our day two leader and it's no mean feat to carry that burden into the final day. Meanwhile our Swede Olof Haglund may have flown under the radar, but it's the quiet ones of whom you must be most afraid.


Olof Haglund: Can write his name in lights

Play kicks off at noon tomorrow. Please join us on the main EPT London page for that, and head over too to our friends colleagues at EPT Live. If you want to know who went broke in what order, then check out the tabs at the top of the panel. You want the one labelled "Prize Payouts".


Our friends colleagues at EPT Live: James Hartigan and Joe Stapleton

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Howard Swains
@howardswains in European Poker Tour