EPT9 London Day 5: Scream if you want to go faster

It is Day 4 at EPT9 London, and none of us could have predicted how far we would come so quickly. In a break with the usual formula -- the result of the haste with which we have progressed -- we return today with only 15 players, needing only to lose seven of them to reach our final table.

Blink and you'll miss it.

My only advice today is not to blink, because this should be a cracker. If you take a look at the list of names below, we could be in line for one of the all-time final tables. Our leader, Steve O'Dwyer, was runner up at the last EPT London Main Event; his closest challenger, Nicolas Chouity, is looking to become the first two-time EPT champion.


Steve O'Dwyer: The bridesmaid turned bride?


Nicolas Chouity, two time?

Theo Jorgensen, of Team PokerStars Pro, has bounced back from some extreme personal hardships of late to record what could become his best EPT performance since season two. We will have a full interview with him up on PokerStars Blog later. And Chris Moorman is the biggest winner in online poker tournaments of all time, set to show his mettle on the live stage.

Here are our final two tables:

Table 1
Seat 2. Steve O'Dwyer, United States, 2,279,000
Seat 3. Mantas Visockis, Lithuania, 915,000
Seat 4. Tamer Kamel, United Kingdom, 2,115,000
Seat 5. Christopher Frank, Germany, PokerStars qualifier, 821,000
Seat 6. Mikhail Korotkikh, Russia, 1,372,000
Seat 7. Theo Jorgensen, Denmark, Team PokerStars Pro, 1,474,000
Seat 8. Niall Farrell, United Kingdom, 1,581,000

Table 2
Seat 1. Bassel Moussa, Lebanon, PokerStars qualifier, 685,000
Seat 2. Nicolas Chouity, Lebanon, PokerStars qualifier, 2,124,000
Seat 3. Olof Haglund, Sweden, 453,000
Seat 4. Daniel Erlandsson, Sweden, 700,000
Seat 5. Pasi Sormunen, Finland, 1,834,000
Seat 6. Chris Moorman, United Kingdom, 1,061,000
Seat 7. Ruben Visser, Netherlands, PokerStars qualifier, 827,000
Seat 8. David Colin, France, 1,088,000

Of course, this is the European Poker Tour, and we could easily have a final eight featuring none of those, another tournament where we herald the unheralded.

There's only one w-, sorry, there are only two ways to follow everything that happens here at the Vic:

1) via our updates on the main EPT London page. Get that in your bookmarks.
2) via EPT live, which will have live cards-down coverage all day. Get that in your flashplayer.

Here we go. Scream if you want to go faster.

Howard Swains
@howardswains in European Poker Tour