EPT9 London Day 6: Captain Moorman out in eighth

And so "The Captain" is out. Friends of Chris Moorman, the internet virtuoso, had been shouting this from the rail, eager that their man secure a vital double-up. Moorman moved in three times, coming away with what was in the pot in the first two. But on the third Theo Jorgensen showed up calling. Moorman turned over pocket sevens while Jorgensen, who faced the demise of his own stack if unsuccessful, showed ace-king off.

Moorman's departure was secured immediately, the flop delivering both and ace and a king for Jorgensen. Moorman, who was watched not only by friends but by his parents and girlfriend on the rail, needed a seven which never materialized. Moorman was out in eighth.

"The cards kind of played themselves," said Moorman, surrounded by the likes of James Dempsey and Toby Lewis. "If it's meant to be you win the race, if not you lose. There wasn't anything I could do about the situation.

Chris Moorman

"When he re-raised I kind of thought he had a hand, but I had pocket sevens on the button with 23 big blinds. I can't fold ever there. He's aggressive enough that he could be raise-folding, and obviously I flip with a lot of hands: ace-king, ace-queen, ace-jack. It's just one of those ones you've got to get it in, win the race and you have 2.5 million and a great chance of winning. It would have been a perfect start but it just wasn't to be. Hopefully next time."

For a bunch of young men in a casino, at 12.30pm on a Saturday, holding beers, this was a low key session. When the memory of today becomes a little easier things may pick up.

"Yeah," said Moorman. "It might get a bit rowdy later. We'll see."

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Stephen Bartley is a PokerStars Blog reporter