EPT9 London Day 6: Time's up for Steve O'Dwyer

If there was a script for this main event final table, it wouldn't have starred Steve O'Dwyer as our fifth place finisher. O'Dwyer was supposed to go on to avenge his defeat here last season, when Benny Spindler, hair flopped forward, defeated O'Dwyer, hair flopped back, heads-up. Alas, that script has been torn up, replaced by a different story that O'Dwyer can only watch.

For want of an ace or a king.

"Yeah, that's how poker is, you have to win those big flips in tournaments," said O'Dwyer, speaking with an air of pragmatism but looking beaten. "That's really all there is to it. I was pretty happy to get it in in that spot and I didn't win. Then I was short and didn't have anything to work with. I got it in bad."

Steve O'Dwyer

Had O'Dwyer caught his card, trampling over Olog Haglund's pocket queens, the American would now be sitting on a massive stack of somewhere close to ten million. That's the kind of territory that could easily have led to an EPT title.

"Yeah of course," said O'Dwyer. "But I knew this is an extremely tough final table and even though I had a decent amount of chips in play there was no guarantee hat I would be able to do better than that. Or even equal it. It's very, very tough line up and I was well aware that this could be the result. So unfortunately it was."

The Haglund hand left O'Dwyer crippled and with few options left. He found ace-deuce and shoved, only for Theo Jorgensen to find pocket aces with inevitable results.

O'Dwyer, now watching from the rail, had said enough about the day, the expression on his face answering any questions left unspoken. Now to make himself feel better.

"I'm going to go register for the 10K turbo in a few minutes," he said. "I'll probably be fine in a few minutes once I'm back at the table."

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Stephen Bartley is a PokerStars Blog reporter