EPT9 London: Gulyy beats Rettenmaier and Visser to event #10 for £22,070

Yury Gulyy finished at EPT Deauville last month for €27,000. It was a solid cash but one that just missed out on the big money, despite the fact that he was being railed by his son.

Gulyy went all the way here in EPT London to beat a tough bounty final table which contained Ruben Visser, Robert Haigh and Marvin Rettenmaier, one of the toughest tournament players contesting big tournaments at the moment. The win will take Gulyy up to around $300,000 in live tournament winnings.

EPT9 London, event #10
Date: 11 March 2013
Buy-in: £1,000 + £1,000 + £100
Game: NLHE turbo bounty
Players: 65
Prize pool: £63,050


Yury Gulyy

1. Yury Gulyy, Russia, £22,070
2. Daniel Laidlaw, Australia, £13,870
3. Marvin Rettenmaier, Germany, £8,200
4. Rameev Sergey, Russia, £5,990
5. Mikhail Korotkikh, Russia, £4,415
6. Robert Haigh, Germany, £3,155
7. Sebastian Mueller, Germany, £2,830
8. Ruben Visser, Netherlands, £2,520

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