EPT9 London: John Eames wins the John Eames invitational (again) to collect £98,430

John Eames has really made these 2,000 NLHE side events his own on the European Poker Tour, so much so that for the last couple of seasons the 2k side events have been coined as the 'John Eames Invitational'. If you take a quick look at his roll of honour you'll see why.

John Eames' cashes in 'John Eames Invitational' tournaments
1st. EPT Vienna, €123,500 (Oct 2010)
2nd. EPT Barcelona, 2nd €78,300 (Nov 2010)
1st. EPT Prague, €101,750 (Dec 2011)
1st. EPT London, £98,430 (March 2013)

That last line was added last night when Eames beat Mike Watson heads-up to secure an enormous £98,430 payout. These side events really are stacked.

In fact, those cashes make up approaching a third of his live recorded cashes, which now weigh in close to $1,750,000 following his third win. It's an astounding string of results, which were punctuated by Eames taking the time to deign an appearance at an EPT Main Event final table in Copenhagen. A magical run of kings there helped him to a third-place finish worth quarter-of-a-million dollars.

A word to the wise. If you enter an event with a 2k buy-in check to see if Eames is playing. If he is, either swap a percentage or take the day off. And if you don't believe us...

EPT9 London, event #12
Date: 12-13 March 2013
Buy-in: £2,150
Game: NLHE
Players: 172
Prize pool: £333,680


John Eames (with, from l-r, James Mitchell, Jake Cody, Matt Perrins and JP Kelly)

1. John Eames, UK, £98,430
2. Mike Watson, Canada, £55,890
3. Souheil Mansour, UK, £32,530
4. Andrew King, Ireland, £24,360
5. Antonio Palma, Portugal, £20,020
6. Giacomo Fundaro, Italy, £15,690
7. Johan Ocklind, Sweden, £12,350
8. Liutauras Armanavicius, Lithuania, £9,010
9. Fabio Breituss, Austria, £7,010
10. Diego Ivan Arbuello, Argentina, £7,010
11. Jonathan Duhamel, Canada, Team PokerStars Pro , £6,340
12. Joao Ribeiro, Portugal, £6,340
13. Ognjen Sekularac, Serbia, £5,670
14. Vladislav Varlashin, Russian Federation, £5,670
15. Ana Marquez, Spain, £5,000
16. Todd Terry, USA, £5,000
17. Nikolaus Teichert, Germany, £4,340
18. Rhys Jones, UK, £4,340
19. Justin Bonomo, USA, £4,340
20. Tudor Purice, Romania, £4,340

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