EPT9 London: Robert Harkins stakes a win in event #G for £17,625

Robert Harkins came out on top of a juicy little PLO rebuy field to collect £17,625, by far and away his largest live score. Harkins beat a final table that contained the excitable Ari Engel and the evergreen Chris Bjorin ($5,482,760 in live tournament winnings).

EPT9 London, event #G
Date: 12-13 March 2013
Buy-in: £550
Game: PLO O8 rebuy
Players: 55 (plus 22 rebuys and 24 add-ons)
Prize pool: £48,985


Robert Harkins

1. Robert Harkins, UK, £17,625
2. Danny Swart, Netherlands, £11,270
3. Chris Bjorin, Sweden, £6,860
4. Regis Burlot, France, £4,900
5. Ari Engel, USA, £3,430
6. Arkady Kielman, UK, £2,700
7. Johan Bredberg, Sweden, £2,200

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