EPT9 London: Rossiter wins the button to beat Romanello to £19,545

Jeffrey Rossiter is probably a name that you haven't heard before, unless you're from Australia or New Zealand perhaps. The Aussie has clocked up $1,572,557 in live tournament winnings which is pretty impressive, but still some way behind Roberto Romanello. The Welshman is close to bagging a triple crown - he just needs to pick up a World Series of Poker bracelet - and has $2,768,835 in career live winnings. Check out his emotional EPT Prague win here.

EPT9 London, event #4
Date: 8 March 2013
Buy-in: £1,100
Game: NLHE 'Win the button'
Prize pool: £63,050


Jeffrey Rossiter

1. Jeffrey Rossiter, Australia, £19,545
2. Niall Farrell, UK, £13,400
3. Roberto Romanello, UK, £8,830
4. Sotirios koutoupas, Greece, £5,830
5. Andrew Boccia, USA, £4,415
6. Bassel Moussa, Lebanon, £3,150
7. Ari Engel, USA, £2,520
8. Christian Rudolph, Germany, £1,890
9. Andrey Malyshev, Russia, £1,735
10. Christopher Frank, Germany, £1,735

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