EPT9 London: The EPT Quote Board

Last month in Deauville we introduced the EPT Quote Board as a place where snippets of table talk and chunks of interview could frolic together. It would be a safe haven for little conversations, a tableau of poker chitter-chatter. You can check out that intro here.

This week, it resurfaces.

"Two is probably enough for anyone." - Talal Shakerchi, after winning the £10,000 High Roller event, his second £10,000 tournament victory within a year on the EPT.

"It was a bold play." - JC Alvarado consoles Talal Shakerchi after the businessmen bluffed all in with jack high.

"I knew that I should have come over and punched you in the head when you put your coat on."
- JC Alvarado to Todd Terry after Terry binked his kicker on the river while on his feet making a show of putting his coat on.

"Everything is fine...I have made a full recovery." - Theo Jorgensen confirms that he has returned to full health after being shot during a robbery in his home.

"As long as you are aware of the fact that it can be over in seconds, then it's fine." - Jorgensen on the volatility of contemporary tournament poker.

"Hey @JasonMercier did you win?" - Mike "Timex" McDonald responds to Jason Mercier's needling on Twitter with a precision barb of his own

"It wasn't as absurd as it sounds." - Ruben Visser plays down his hero call with jack high early on day four.

"If you ask me, the only thing I remember from the race from the 20th floor up is the taste of blood." - George Danzer, on the charity stair-climb "Vertical Rush"

"Terrible. But I can learn from it!"
- Jeff Sawer on being a short stack on the bubble

"I've toned down my four-betting a bit but I'm always tempted when I see an ace.
In the UKIPT that's a fine strategy because people three-bet without a plan and they don't five-bet much or peel four-bets that much so you get away with murder."

- Nick Abou Risk about playing any-ace loosey-goosey

"Do you have any idea where my stack is?"
- Tom Dwan after turning up to the tournament for the first time... on Day 2


Tom Dwan and his laughable stack

"Believe or not, big fields are not my thing."
- David 'sexygee' Gent, who beat a field of 49,287 to chop the 7th Anniversary Sunday Million for $836,321.83

"I think any time you create a more inviting space for women who don't have to deal with annoying misogynist BS from guys that they often have to deal with, it's going to get more women involved with poker."
- Team PokerStars Pro Vanessa Selbst in an open interview

"If I final table this I won't be able to run it. I really want to run it but I prefer to win the final table. Then I'll buy a marathon!"
- Team PokerStars Pro Leo Margets on this weekend's Barcelona marathon

"I'm made up, absolutely stoked. I'm not sure I deserved it, but I'll take it."
- UKIPT Champion of Champions Richard Evans after claiming the title

"You didn't see that coming, did you?"
- Daniel Negreanu after demonstrating some of his astounding dance moves

'I want to go to Marbella (for the UKIPT). Maybe on that one we'll bend the rules a little bit.'
- Young British grinder Tim Davie on his work hard, play hard philosophy

"I'm going to go register for the 10K turbo in a few minutes. I'll probably be fine in a few minutes once I'm back at the table."
- A disappointed Steve O'Dwyer after his departure from the main event final table.

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