EPT9 Monaco: Aleksei Krylov wins the button and €6,100

Aleksei Krylov beat Albert Mykhaylyuta in what could all too easily like a chess battle from the 1970s, especially when you toss in third-place finisher Konstantin Puchkov. Krylov may well take the glory and the trophy but it was Mykhaylyuta who collected the most (€7,000).

Well done, Aleksei and Albert. It's a double thumbs up.

EPT9 Monaco, event #13
Date: 8 May, 2013
Buy-in: €330
Game: NLHE 'Win the button'
Players: 82
Prize pool: €23,862


Aleksei Krylov

1. Aleksei Krylov, Russia, €6,100*
2. Albert Mykhaylyuta, Ukraine, €7,000*
3. Konstantin Puchkov, Russia, €2,850
4. Laurent Villard, France, €2,150
5. George Bogdan Ana, Romania, €1,670
6. Mikhail Dobrikov, Russia, €1,220
7. Benabi Abdelkarim, France, €950
8. Christophe Pereira, France, €720
9. Joseph Cahill, Ireland, €600
10. Artem Kim, Russia, €600

*relates to a heads-up deal.

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