EPT9 Monaco Day 2: Poker community urged to show some bottle as corkage panic spreads

We're not often called upon to publish public service announcements but in this case we feel compelled to chip in, for the sake of everyone, and that bottle of scotch we have hidden away under the mattress back at the hotel.

Quite a few players have run into the arcane rules of certain Monte Carlo establishments. Sam Trickett for instance, whose efforts at staying healthy by ordering a salad, were ruined because he was too busy bent double laughing at the local interpretation of what a salad actually was, to get any of it in his mouth.

Then there is the local hotels' skewered interpretation of universal property rights.
Earlier today a member of the media had a bizarre corkage experience at one of the major hotels when her medicine, transported to Monaco in small plastic water bottles for ease of travel, was confiscated by zealous hotel staff enforcing the "no drinks allowed from outside the hotel" rule. Not only did they throw away what they assumed to be a half drunk bottle of water, they charged her for it. If you're keeping score at home that means she was charged by the hotel for buying water, which they then stole.

The local tipple, with a combined corkage value of about ten grand

For those looking to get into this obviously lucrative corkage business, the "rule" is that when staying at the hotels here you are not permitted to bring in outside goods, like food or drink. Especially drink. Or medicine come to think of it. Overheads are pretty high - you need to own a hotel for a start - but the rewards are significant. You can charge guests for almost anything, and get them to pay for the privilege. You'll have a second hotel in no time.

Those whose preference is for the common law, and more widely known definitions of ownership, you might wish to take heed and hide your shopping (the used underwear pile would be a good place to start) or be prepared to argue at checkout that what's theirs is theirs with a solid brick wall.

For everything else I suppose there's MasterCard.

* The hotel has replaced the medicine. But not the bottle.

Stephen Bartley is a PokerStars Blog reporter.

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