EPT9 Monaco Day 2: Why Randy 'nanonoko' Lew is a better player than you

There are a lot of decisions in poker tournaments that are pretty much automatic. Most of them are fold, fold and fold. But there are also plenty of spots over a long event that require some in depth analysis, and the very best players are calculating all kinds of things behind their poker faces, more than the average player would ever know.

When we're reporting the action at PokerStars Blog, or at any other outlet for that matter, we almost never actually get to know the entire thought process. It's more a case of just reporting what we see, and that is often only the least interesting tip of an enormous iceberg.

In an attempt to learn a bit more about the game from poker's very finest exponents, we will hope over the next few days (and subsequent events) to hear the pro's eye view of a key hand. There are few better either at poker itself or explaining poker hands than Randy "nanonoko" Lew, and Sarah Grant grabbed the Team Onliner this afternoon and asked him to talk through a hand he played in the very first level.

Back then, he was sitting alongside Mickey Petersen on what was already an active table. He picked up pocket kings and...well, let's allow Randy to explain:

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Randy Lew: A beast online, but not at all bad live