EPT9 Monaco Day 3: Field full of familiar faces. And some other blokes

We call it the "Player to bloke ratio". Loosely translated it means the ratio of well-known players to the blokes we've never really seen before, and right now it's running at an all-time high.

A look through the chip count page demonstrates. Among the remaining 48 players there are four former winners, four former runners-up, five former finalists and a load of others whose name conjures up images of titles and bracelets.

Mickey Petersen, Jake Cody, Jason Mercier and Noah Boeken are all former champions and all have chips. John Juanda, Kevin Vandersmissen, Steve O'Dwyer and Andrew Chen all have second place finishes, while the former finalists include Daniel Negreanu, Johnny Lodden, Marcin Horecki and Ismael Bojang.

Current chip leader Johnny Lodden

Then there are the others, like Freddy Deeb, Victor Ramdin, Ville Wahlbeck, the Schwartzes Noah and Luke, Andrew Lichtenberger, Calvin Anderson, Andrey Pantling, Grant Levy, Paul Volpe and Kevin Iacofano. Each would look suitable in a winner's photo, usually with their friends crowded around them.

But what of the others? The blokes? The law of Murphy usually ensures that these are the types to reach the final, pushing out the glamour boys for their own shot at poker stardom. Players like Patrick Naxache, Didier Pitcho, Goran Mancid and German Simon Danske, he of the divine light earlier today.

All are making their first mark on the EPT main event scoreboard. Let's hear it for the blokes.

Stephen Bartley is a PokerStars Blog reporter.

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