EPT9 Monaco: Jan Bendik bounding towards Player of the Year title, wins another

Jan Bendik has enjoyed an extraordinary season on the European Poker Tour and has been mashing up its side events since finishing 5th in a €1,000 event at EPT Barcelona last August. Bendik won €17,760 then and has been spending the last nine months stuffing his pockets full of Euros. Two main event cashes have helped him score points but he's mainly chipped up Player of the Year points through side events, such as this €61,560 win in Deauville.

Bendik has gone and won another trophy here for €39,400 making it really tough for Robert Haigh and co to catch him. Haigh finished runner-up at EPT Berlin little more than a week ago bringing him in close behind Bendik. This win gives Bendik another 500 points. If you want to get a lie of the land then check out this article, which shows that, among others, Steve O'Dwyer could yet make a late dash for the title. Check the standings below the event #12 payouts.

EPT9 Monaco, event #12
Date: 8 May, 2013
Buy-in: €1,100
Game: NLHE turbo
Players: 166
Prize pool: €161,020


Jan Bendik

1. Jan Bendik, Slovakia, €39,400*
2. Fedor Holz, Germany, €35,000*
3. Pasquale Vinci, Italy, €15,700
4. David Gutierrez Lebron, Spain, €11,700
5. Mike McDonald, Canada, €9,600
6. Nicolas Chouity, Lebanon, €7,500
7. Alexander Scherdin, Sweden, €5,900
8. Ami Barer, Canada, €4,400
9. Nadar Kakhmazov, Russia, €3,560
10. Steven van Zadelhoff, Netherlands, €3,560
11. Kane Kalas, USA, €3,120
12. Robert Andre Giordano, France, €3,120
13. Lorenzo Sabato, Italy, €2,700
14. Richard Toth, Hungary, €2,700
15. Alain Daien, Belgium, €2,350
16. Elias Brussianos, Greece, €2,350
17. Daniel Camus, Belgium, €2,090
18. Robert Auer, Germany, €2,090
19. Dany Parlafes, Romania, €2,090
20. Boutros Naim, Lebanon, €2,090

*relates to a heads-up deal.

EPT9 Player of the Year leader board
1. Jan Bendik, Slovakia, 2,745 (now moving up to 3,245)
2. Robert Haigh, Germany, 2,440
3. Marc-Andre Ladouceur, Canada, 1,870
4. Ramzi Jelassi, Sweden, 1,850
5. Kent Lundmark, Sweden, 1,660
6. Steve O'Dwyer, USA, 1,650
7. Griffin Benger, Canada, 1,610
8. Joni Jouhkimainen, Finland, 1,600
9. Bryn Kenney, USA, 1,585
10. Scott Seiver, USA, 1,580

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