EPT9 Monaco: Jesper Onrust is one Crazy Pineapple

You can jab Jesper Onrust onto a stick with a chunk of cheddar because the Dutchman is one Crazy Pineapple. Onrust last night won the €330 side event for €6,800 and a nice shiny trophy. The Dutchman is an amateur player, a store owner so we've been told, who qualified online for both the EPT Main Event (busted) and the Monaco Cup (yet to play).

Well done, Jesper.

EPT9 Monaco, event #8
Date: 7 May, 2013
Buy-in: €330
Game: NL Crazy Pineapple
Players: 70
Prize pool: €20,370


Jesper Onrust

1. Jesper Onrust, Netherlands, €6,800
2. Christophe Durand, France, €4,250
3. Alexander Scherdin, Sweden, €2,650
4. Teddy Nicolas Kefalas, France, €1,900
5. Giuseppe Brisci, France, €1,400
6. Amaraggi Laurent, Belgium, €1,100
7. Mathias Subraud, France, €960
8. David Giorsetti, France, €810
9. Hamed Muhammed, Kuwait, €500

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