EPT9 Monaco: Juan Mecho makes a wedge in event #10

Spanish hands have not yet lifted an EPT Main Event title but at least Spaniard Juan Mecho has got his mitts on a smaller side event trophy. Mecho won €17,400 after a heads-up deal, his first recorded live cash.

Enhorabuena, Juan.

EPT9 Monaco, event #10
Date: 8 May, 2013
Buy-in: €550
Game: NLHE
Players: 135
Prize pool: €65,475

ept9_monaco_juan mecho.jpeg

Juan Mecho

1. Juan Mecho, Spain, €17,400*
2. Ahmad Ismail, France, €15,000*
3. Alessio Pianta, Italy, €7,200
4. Laurent Amaraggi, Belgium, €5,200
5. Ahmed Sahih, France, €4,250
6. Olivier Paris, France, €3,275
7. Csaba Sulyok, Hungary, €2,610
8. Christophe Danjard, France, €1,960
9. Michael Reubi, Switzerland, €1,460
10. David Andersson, Sweden, €1,460
11. Franck Ospiri, France, €1,310
12. Jaques Guenni, France, €1,310
13. Oscar Dharmshi, UK, €1,170
14. Jean-Jacques Zeitoun, France, €1,170
15. Anatoli Vereshchagin, Russia, €700

*relates to a heads-up deal.

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