EPT9 Monaco: Yachts, cars and caviar, but can you get a fuse?

Monaco is dripping in wealth and opulence. Look to the sea and you'll spot luxury yachts and sailboats which the average man's salary would barely cover the bucket which pails out the water. Look to the street and supercars roar by every couple of minutes, so much so that you actually start marvelling over the old bangers instead.

All this, yet can you find a fuse? Apparently not. The venue is having some electrical issues at the moment, some might suggest connected to the opening of the ceiling in the Salles des Etoiles but that is just hearsay. Whatever it is, it's causing our webcast team some serious problems. Issues like not being able to stream anything to the outside world. Stay strong poker fans, we have a crack team of electricians and production staff scouring the principality looking for some replacement fuses. Failing that we'll send PokerStars Blog reporter Stephen Bartley back to the hotel to pop one out of his travel iron.

Everyone is doing all they can to get the power back on. Have faith. Have a cup of tea. Stay strong. We can get through this together. Now, where's that pot of caviar gone?


A standard Monaco scape

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Rick Dacey
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