EPTLive: Set your Barcelona TV schedule now!

The wait is almost over.

Season 10 of the EPT is about to start and with it will come the all-singing, all-dancing EPTLive webcast. Expect nine days of great poker action, superb commentary, guest appearances from the biggest names in the game, and even, if you're very lucky, some contributions from the PokerStars Blog team. And keep your eyes open for competitions. There's going to be a lot of them.

*Or should that be unlucky?


Team PokerStars Pro Daniel Negreanu at the TV table

There'll be fun and shenanigans from EPT hosts James Hartigan (lanky) and Joe Stapleton (yanky), as well as their webcast sidekicks Matt Broughton (beardy) and Marc Convey (mouthy). There will also be loads of Team PokerStars Pros, high stakes players and online grinders to give some better balanced strategy than an over-bet shove on a paired board. You can watch it all at EPTLive.com.

The EPTLive Barcelona
Aug 30: €50,000 Super High Roller, Day 1 - begins 14:30
Aug 31: €50,000 Super High Roller, Day 2 - begins 12:00
Sep 1: €50,000 Super High Roller, Day 3 (cards up) - begins 14:00
Sep 2: Main Event, Day 1B - begins 16:00
Sep 3: Main Event, Day 2 - begins 13:30
Sep 4: Main Event, Day 3 - begins 12:00
Sep 5: Main Event, Day 4 - begins 12:00
Sep 6: Main Event, Day 5 - begins 12:00
Sep 7: Main Event, final fable (cards up) - begins 14:00

The PokerStars Blog will be bringing you all the big news from the Main Event and the sides so make sure that you follow these Twitter accounts: @PokerStarsBlog and @EPTLive.

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