Jonathan Duhamel on Marc-Andre Ladouceur and credit card roulette

Jonathan Duhamel comes across as the de facto French Canadian team captain on the EPT circuit, which put him squarely at the centre of much of the mischief that takes place on tour. They're a lively bunch, these French Canadians.

Duhamel is, of course, known to most. He's a Team PokerStars Pro and a WSOP Main Event winner with $12,119,902 in live cashes, which is enough to sneak him into the top ten of the all-time money list, just $120,000 behind one-hit wonder Jamie Gold.

Marc-Andre Ladouceur is less well-known, but a player of obvious quality who has racked up $1.3m in live cashes in relatively short shrift. Add that to the $1m-odd he's won online and you can see why he was looked at as being a good candidate to join Team PokerStars Online.


Jonathan Duhamel

I caught Duhamel at the break to see if he could tell us more about the newly sponsored player.

"I've known him for a few years. I know him through poker. He's a very, very talented poker player and he hasn't been playing for that long actually, so it's pretty surprising to see that many good results so fast. He was doing pretty well online and then transited to live poker and did super well again. He's a very solid player and a super great guy as well. We go to dinner and partying, all the French Canadians together all the time. It's fun that he's travelling now, it's one more French Canadian out there... There isn't a core really, we all hang out together because it's sometimes difficult for other people to understand us when we talk."


Marc-Andre Ladouceur

I think that he was joking. I could understand, but maybe he was talking about later in the evening after a couple of little drinkies.

"We like to party with anyone, go to dinner. Marc and I are probably the two that travel the most but guys like Sam Chartier, Jason Lavallee, Jason Duvall are there all the time too. It's nice to hang out together and have something to do besides poker because it gets tough.


Sam Chartier

"It's important to have some friends on the tour to talk to otherwise it's going to get very lonely. Everyone has ups and downs in terms of how the poker goes. Every time you have a down you want to have a friend to cheer you up and you do the same when you have an up and they have a down. For us, we're pretty open-minded and good guys," said Duhamel.

"Oh, always credit card roulette, for sure! Who runs the worst? I think everyone runs pretty even but I've run pretty good lately. I feel the French Canadian runs pretty good on the whole. The last very big one there was about 25 of us but the Germans took care of that, which was fine by us."

And here's the man himself talking about bubble ranges

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