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Season 10 of the European Poker Tour starts in August. Whether you've been with us since the early days or not, it's pretty incredible to believe how much has happened, so much so it's kind of tough to remember it all. Sure, all the last nights and parties probably don't help the memory too much, but it's definitely been a blast (or we've pretty sure it has been anyway).

We want you to send us your best memories, funniest anecdotes and standout photos from any of the previous nine EPT Barcelona that have taken place since Alexander Stevic won way back in 2004. In case you need a little reminder about the events then take a look at the roll of honour below. It's just a quick email. Get it done.


Alexander Stevic: the original champ

The EPT Barcelona Champions
Season 1: Alexander Stevic, Sweden, €80,000
Season 2: Jan Boubli, France, €416,000
Season 3: Bjorn-Erik Glenne, Norway, €691,000
Season 4: Sander Lylloff, Denmark, €1,170,700
Season 5: Sebastian Ruthenberg, Germany, €1,361,000
Season 6: Carter Phillips, USA, €850,000
Season 7: Kent Lundmark, Sweden, €825,000
Season 8: Martin Schleich, Germany, €850,000
Season 9: Mikalai Pobal, Belarus, €1,007,550

Send your stories and photos to

We'll be collating all of them and more to go on a 'flashback' wall at EPT Barcelona which you'll be able to point at and say things like, 'Oooo, he hasn't aged well,' 'Whatever happened to her? Wasn't she always living out of suitcases?' or 'Ilari Sahamies had hair?!?'

It could be your own personal experience or something you watched from the physical or online rail. Ping us an email and become part of the ongoing EPT Barcelona legend. If you need some more memory jogging then check out our EPT archive here and use the dropdown menu.


Ilari Sahamies: not just a player, not just orange juice

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