The Bonus Cut: Hartigan, Stapleton, and the f-word

I've known James Hartigan and Joe Stapleton a long time. They're clever guys with a knack for making even some of the most boring poker in the world somehow seem interesting. They're knowledgeable, well-traveled broadcast professionals who have earned a great deal of respect for their efforts on EPT Live and other programming.

It also turns out that they use the f-word. Like...a lot.

Also, one of them--and I'm not going to tell you who--has some problems riding a bike.


Hartigan and Stapleton in a take you never saw

It seems the people behind EPT Live have been keeping a secret reel of Hartigan and Stapes moments that didn't ever appear on EPT programming. And that's probably for the best, because EPT Live is a family show (it's a really weird family, but a family nonetheless).

Because we can't let the boys get too cocky, we've decided to show you what it looks like when the main men at EPT Live can't seem to get it together.

So, send the kids out of the room and get ready for some expletives!

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