EPT10 London: Postprandial survey of the remaining field

Day 1A players have now returned from their dinner break and will play two more levels until they are done. The tournament board shows that 208 players joined the party, but registration is still officially open. If anyone has found £5,000 stuck down the back of the sofa tonight, come on down! There's nothing on the box.

David Yan and Dhru Patel were the first players through the 100,000 chip mark, although there will likely be a handful at that level -- and more -- by the time bagging is done tonight. There are some pretty handy players building sizeable stacks, including Dan Smith, Vladimir Geshkenbein and Michael Tureniec.


David Yan, good day so far

Geshkenbein was on table 16, which became the last to break from Tournament Room A. A hardy eight played on in the cavernous space once filled with the Super High Rollers, their audience and the Omaha 8 tournament, but it was left as a stranded satellite by the shrinking of the field.

That didn't mean it got any easier: Jake Cody was also there with Geshkenbein, and Dan Shak who has been bounced around several rooms today.

Viktor Blom arrived late, hid under a beanie hat and quietly went about his business. He doesn't much like the limelight, but should probably try to be a little less irresistible in his play if that's the case. Blom slumped to about 10,000, ran it back up to about 50,000 and who knows what he has left at time of writing. He is, however, on Smith's table, and the young American is one of those closing in on a century.

There are some other pretty tidy North Americans still going strong too, including David Baker, Mike Watson, Jonathan Duhamel and Erik Seidel.


Jonathan Duhamel of Team PokerStars Pro

Both Henrique Pinho and Antonin Duda enjoyed exceptional UKIPT London main events, making it through to the penultimate day. Today they have been reunited on the same table, both of whom have close to 90,000. Another UKIPT stalwart, Tom Hall, has been and gone.

There is at least one other table that features two former EPT champions. Frederick Jensen and Ramzi Jelassi are a couple of seats away from one another. Theo Jorgensen is on Duhamel's table, but has friends across the room.


Theo Jorgensen and Frederik Jensen yuk it up

Meanwhile Phil Hellmuth is delaying his appearance at only his second Europe-based EPT event because he is among the final four players in the Open Face Chinese side event. He's giggling away alongside Paul Berende.

Other notable eliminations: Jeff Sarwer, Sorel Mizzi, Leo Margets, Joao Nunes, Sergio Aido, Kevin Stani.

Follow all the action from Day 1A on the EPT London Day 1A page, with chip counts and hand-by-hand reporting. Information about the Super High Roller event is on the Super High Roller page. EPT Live is at EPT Live.

Howard Swains
@howardswains in European Poker Tour