EPT10 Deauville: Chris Day leads Jorma Nuutinen by the narrowest of margins

The tournament room at EPT Deauville was a boisterous place today. It is ever thus as a new event begins.

However most of the foot traffic this afternoon walked right past the €5,300 Main Event tables, which played through their opening eight levels, and railed the final table of the €1,000 France Poker Series. There were seven locals there, explaining the packed bleachers, and one Dutchman. (One guess who won.)


Tournament room in Deauville

But back to the Main Event, which is the real reason we're all here, and that too did what it had to do. Of the 234 players who showed up, 134 remained at the end, led at this very early stage by Chris Day. It's a close-run thing, though. Day bagged up 154,100 and Jorma Nuutinen signed for 154,000. That's one third of a small blind between them, and possibly just the result of the day-end chip-race. It's been a long time since we had an absolute dead heat, but this is only one of the smallest denomination chips between them. (We should be demanding a recount.)


Chris Day: First (just)


Jorma Nuutinen: Second (just)

Nuutinen got all his chips late in the day, flying under the radar for at least seven levels before emerging with that mighty stack. Day, however, had had a bunch since around about the dinner break and safely navigated through to the end.

The Deauville stop on the European Poker Tour always butts up against the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure, as well as clashing with plenty of other events across the globe. It always makes us wonder whether there will be enough players to keep us in the manner to which we are accustomed. And yet there always are.

Team Pro sent two representatives, Marcin Horecki and Eugene Katchalov. And both will go through to Day 2, Horecki with 71,300 and Katchalov with 74,000.


Eugene Katchalov: Focused


Marcin Horecki: Sartorial

Team Online also had two in the field: Ronan Monfort and Gabriel Nassif. It wasn't so great for those two, though. They were both sent back to the online tables before the end of the day.


Gabriel Nassif: Headache

Other big stacks at this stage include:

Tatu Maenpaa - 142,700
Alessio Isaia - 131,500
Jose Carlos Garcia - 125,900
Hugo Felix - 110,000
Pierre Mace - 108,600
Anton Wigg - 105,000
Barny Boatman - 102,000

And other notables (including several former champions) include:

Zimnan Ziyard - 88,800
Jannick Wrang - 74,200
Pierre Neuville - 63,600
Jeffrey Hakim - 57,100
Dominik Nitsche - 54,400
Kent Lundmark - 37,100
Dermot Blain - 28,000


Zimnan Ziyard: Shadowed


Pierre Neuville: Friend

And there will be lots, lots more tomorrow. Day 1B, which starts at noon, will likely have at least double the amount of players today. Registration is actually open until the start of Day 2 on Tuesday, so get yourself over to Normandy.

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Good night for now from sleepy Deauville.


Howard Swains
@howardswains in European Poker Tour