EPT10 Deauville: Brécard battling

There are 73 players remaining as Level 18 begins. Just under a third of them are from the home country of France, all of whom hope to join their countrymen Lucien Cohen (EPT7) and Remi Castaignon (EPT9) as Main Event winners in Deauville.

Among that group is Julien Brécard, the Team PokerStars Pro representing PokerStars.fr, who as the previous level concluded we watched busily pushing his short stack back and forth multiple times in an effort to prolong his Main Event run.

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The first three instances went similarly, with the pro from Saint-Etienne open-raising, then sitting quietly as those behind him acted.

His chips set before him, Brécard sat with his hands folded, and without much delay his opponents all folded theirs.

Just before the level concluded came one more all-in push from Brécard, this time from the blinds over a raise and call. Again came the folds, with Ekrem Sanioglu of Turkey offering some smiling words as he somewhat reluctantly abandoned his hand.

Brécard had about 55,000 to start the sequence. By the time the break arrived he'd more than doubled his stack without seeing a flop or showing a card.

"The last one was pretty easy," he told us, willing to share what had not been seen.

"I had pocket kings and squeezed. I had suited aces a couple of times before. So I pushed 11 big blinds, then 14, then 17, then came the kings."

It sounded like the cards had been cooperating of late. But that wasn't the case for Brécard back on Day 1.

"Since Level 3 or 4 this has all been a bonus for me... I should have been busted with kings against aces. But I lost just the minimum." He held up two fingers, pinching the air.

"So it's like I have my second chance," he concluded. "It changes how you think of a tournament. I was pissed to have had the kings and faced aces, but I was so confident right after that hand... like I cannot lose this tournament."

Tourneys have a way of affecting one's perspective. Brécard began today short-stacked, but that's where he's been most of the week.

"I've been short to start every day," he said, then raised his eyebrows with a mischievous look.

"Except starting Day 1... then I was average."

Safely in the money and standing to earn more the longer he can nurture his stack (now somewhat below average), Brécard's perspective continues to shift as he mentions the victories here of Cohen and Castaignon.

"I hope I'm going to be next," he said, referring to the ultimate goal to which all of his fellow Frenchmen and everyone else remaining is pointing.

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Martin Harris is Freelance Contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

Martin Harris
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