EPT10 Deauville: Chip explosions lead into the midday update

Stacks can be built and broken quickly at any poker table, but the speed in which overnight chip leader Ayman Zbib lost his stack had tournament reporters from across Europe scratching their heads. Had he moved table or just gone for a walk? Apparently that was not the case. Zbib went from hero to zero in record time. That's fine. Plenty more players were waiting to take his spot.

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Ayman Zbib: gushed rather than dribbled

Team PokerStars Pro Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier wasn't one of them. He was already long gone, his counterfeited pocket pair sending him for a lonely walk up the stairs and out of the casino. Kevin MacPhee had a chance to climb in a different way. His stack had whittled down to eight big blinds but a shove-shove-double picked him back up before he got it in with a Broadway straight only to be rivered by quads to send him to the rail.


ElkY taking the walk of shame

Players who fared somewhat better included Zimnan Ziyard and James Mitchell, both of whom are running up big stack for the second year on the bounce. Mitchell finished 12th here last season for €39,000 and Ziyard bust out earlier in 69th for €11,500, but the EPT Loutraki winner also finished 20th here in 2011. Both are certainly good enough to keep that stack growing, both have previous form here. At the time of writing, Ziyard and Mitchell hold the top two spots with 300,000 and 245,000 respectively.

Other players doing well include Jamila Von Perger (190,000), Tobias Wagner (182,500) and EPT winner Jannick Wrang (125,000).

Two more levels are to be played today and Ziyard and Mitchell will have their work cut out if they want to keep the chip lead. Team PokerStars Pro Eugene Katchalov has chipped up to 181,000 while UKIPT winner Ludo Geilich and TV tablemate Chris Day (who wants to be king) have also been busy at the tables. Anton Wigg was also there but a huge six-bet all-in with jacks against ace-king didn't work out. A king on the flop left Wigg short and he went out shortly after.

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The TV table

What are they playing for?
Announcement of the payouts is always keenly anticipated. You want to know what you'll be able to buy when you win, of course. The biggest number of all is the €614,000 for the title, but there's plenty more spots paying. A 92nd place €9,500 payout is pretty tidy if you've qualified online.

EPT Deauville Main Event payouts
1. €614,000
2. €379,500
3. €271,200
4. €207,800
5. €164,600
6. €128,200
7. €93,000
8. €63,900
9. €50,530
10 - 11. €41,200
12 - 13. €34,350
14 - 15. €31,000
16 - 17. €27,680
18 - 20. €24,450
21 - 23. €21,220
24 - 27. €18,200
28 - 31. €15,950
32 - 39. €14,010
40 - 55. €12,080
56 - 71. €10,790
72 - 95. €9,500

All in all, 671 players had entered the event but with the completion of Level 12 just 216 remain. Two last 75-minutes play today. The clock lengthens to 90-minute blind levels from the start of play tomorrow. The bubble should burst around the second level of Day 3.

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