EPT10 Deauville: ElkY hits the rail before others have even arrived

Day 2 at EPT Deauville has now started, but it wasn't a particularly long one for ElkY. By his own remarkably high standards, the Team PokerStars Pro is having a poor run of form and despite a self-encouraging tweet first thing this morning, he couldn't run up a short stack.

He may not be heading home just yet -- there are plenty of side events, including a High Roller, plus the European Poker Awards tomorrow. (ElkY is on the jury.) But he is out of the Main Event and free to do as he pleases for a while.


ElkY heads out of the tournament room (see pics 2-4 in the series below)

He wasn't happy. After an opening raise to 2,000 from Miroslav Alilovic, ElkY shoved for 9,200. Alilovic called and it was ElkY's 3♦3♥ racing against Alilovic's A♣[10s]. The board ran 6♥9♣9♠5♥6♣ and ElkY was counterfeited on the river.

The hand took place within the first orbit of the day but it wasn't actually the first river counterfeit elimination. Moments earlier, Roland Rozel hit the rail at the hands of Kent Lundmark.

The former EPT Barcelona champion had opened from the button, Rozel called from the big blind and the two of them went to a [10c]8♥J♣ flop. It went check, bet, call.

The 4♠ turned and Rozel shoved for the remainder of his starting stack of 23,100. Lundmark double checked his pocket cards -- reminding himself he had A♦J♦ -- and called. Rozel turned over 8♣4♣ for a turned two pair.

It took a while to sink in that the river [10d] gave the pot to Lundmark. Rozel whipped off his scarf as though it was suddenly electrically charged and threw it to the ground. He then berated some unseen deity, before gathering thoughts, emotions and discarded possessions and departing the tournament room.

But even Rozel wasn't the first player out. Alice Taglioni was seen scurrying away from table nine after only one or two hands.

Taglioni and Jean-Baptiste Loll officially played in the same poker tournament, but their presences overlapped for all of about 90 seconds. Loll was the only player to register before the start of Day 2, taking our total field up to 651. However, after auditing, it appears our official number of players is actually 669, owing to a number of online qualifiers not arriving to take charge of their stacks. Their buy in goes into the prize pool, even if they did not play.


The clock is ticking on Day 2

Yet again, it's been a fine showing for Deauville. We may not have had as many players this week as turned up for the same event in January 2013, but it's still a bumper crowd. The full prize pool information will be announced some time today.

Loll, incidentally, finished second to Eli Heath in the €1,000 Turbo Random Bounty side event last night, so is on the spin up.

Video welcome to Day 2

Laptop flick-book

In the first of a new feature, PokerStars Blog (with the help of Neil Stoddart, our photographer) offers a unique animation of ElkY leaving the EPT Deauville tournament room. All you need are four iPads (or other tablet devices) and this entry opened on each of them, set on a different picture of ElkY. The first is the picture above, then the next three below.

You then simply flick through your iPads, like those flick-books you had as a child, and you can watch ElkY leave. "It's as if I was there!" said our first satisfied customer.




Alternatively, there's always EPT Live.

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Howard Swains
@howardswains in European Poker Tour