EPT10 Deauville: Midday update (aka end of the second quarter)

Day 1A will play for eight 75-minute levels and, having now started level five, we have passed the half-way point.

Actually that's not quite true. There are two flights of Day 1, which means it is only really a quarter of the way through. But I'll be surprised if anyone tomorrow gets to Tatu Maenpaa's total of 110,000 from four levels play. That's close to a four-fold increase on his starting stack and the Finn is, by some measure, our current chip leader.


Pick the leader from the crowd

It's a bit of a Nordic invasion actually as Rasmus Agerskov, from Denmark, has more than 60,000. Anton Wigg, the Swedish former EPT Copenhagen champion, is the best stacked of the so-called "known" players. He has about 55,000 at this stage.

The tournament board is showing 234 entries today, of whom 20 have already been eliminated. Maenpaa's big stack sits on a table from which Danut Chisu and Christophe Lesage have already vanished and the facts are probably linked.

As reported earlier, Dominik Panka has also been and gone. But more notables are either here already or gradually arriving. Eugene Katchalov and Marcin Horecki are here from Team PokerStars Pro, while Ronant Montfort and Gabriel Nassif of Team Online also play.


Marcin Horecki: Hat

A plane came in from London City Airport to Deauville's small airstrip at around lunchtime carrying not only the EPT Live commentator James Hartigan, but also John Spinks and Barny Boatman, among other poker players. Boatman didn't wait around: he jumped straight into the Day 1A action.

The players will take a dinner break at the end of level six and then return to play two more levels before bagging for the night. And then a whole boatload of others will show up tomorrow to play the third and fourth quarters. (Registration is open all day today, all day tomorrow and up until the start of Day 2.)

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Howard Swains
@howardswains in European Poker Tour