EPT10 Deauville side events: Kamel Tir beats Simon Deadman to €131,000, Jamila von Perger tops the Women's Event

While most attention and eyeballs are on the EPT Deauville Main Event, there is actually a lot of other action taking place in this 45-event festival. We're keeping track of all the side event results, which you'll be able to find here (or you can jump to direct from the PokerStars Blog widget 'Side event results').

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Jamila Von Perger: Women's Event champ

While Niels van Leeuwen was busy winning the FPS Deauville Main Event, good for a €175,000 payday, which you can read about here, the Women's Event was also playing out. Jamila Von Perger, who proved to be a popular figure on EPTLive during her 23rd place run at the EPT Barcelona Main Event (€34,950), took top honours to add €4,200 to her bankroll, taking her career live tournament winnings to $99,982 - so close to breaking the six-figure barrier.


Niels Van Leeuwen: FPS Main Event champion

Alongside Van Leeuwen (€175,000) and runner-up Jean-Paul Vasseur (€115,000) in the FPS Main Event, the other big winners so far have been FPS High Roller champ Kamel Tir (€131,000) and runners-up Simon Deadman (€87,280) and Giuseppe Sammartino (€63,800). Those prizes may be big, but they'll be dwarfed by big guns of the EPT Main Event and High Roller. Webcast coverage of those starts tomorrow at noon CET at EPTLive.

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