EPT10 Deauville: Von Perger fought Law and Law won

Earlier in the week we were noting during the first Day 1 flight an imbalance between the men and women in the field. Indeed, just one woman entered on Sunday, while many more joined the large crowd for Day 1b.

Several days later and after the eliminations of well over 600 entrants, we again were watching a tournament made up of men only with one exception -- Jamila Von Perger of Germany.

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Jamila Von Perger

Von Perger's win in the Ladies Event here in Deauville just a few nights back perhaps readied us to see her do well in the Main. So, too, was her run at EPT Barcelona a few months ago, where she was also the last woman eliminated after making it all of the way to 23rd.

Just now she was on the feature table here in Deauville -- one of just six tables left -- with a short stack of just under 100,000 (about 12 big blinds).

A hand arose in which Rustem Muratov opened from early position, Chun Ho Law three-bet to 41,000 from the hijack, after checking her cards Von Perger quickly pushed all in from the small blind. Muratov tossed away his hand, but Law was quick with the call.

Von Perger had Q♠Q♣ and Law A♦J♣, and when the dealer matter-of-factly spread the [10c]A♠K♠ flop to give Law the lead, Von Perger exhaled and placed her hands on the felt, her disappointment clear to see.

Down to needing one of the few jacks or queens or perhaps a couple of friendly spades, we thought back to Barcelona and a similar spot for her.

There with a little over 30 players left she'd been all in versus Florian-Dimitrie Duta, also holding a pair -- 4♥4♦ -- while her opponent had A♦9♣. The flop brought an ace, but a river four initiated a joyous celebration.

Alas for Von Perger, the run-out went less happily today. The 7♣ turn was no help. Nor was the 4♥ on fifth street -- the river four here less welcome than the one that came for her last fall.

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Von Perger wished the table luck and departed with her 52nd-place finish, no doubt thinking again about what might have been.

Meanwhile, the men play on.

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