EPT10 Grand Final: Cash games in Monte Carlo

While the watchful eyes of PokerStars Blog and EPTLive are focused on the tournaments here at the PokerStars and Monte-Carlo®Casino EPT Grand Final, there is a lot of cash game action going on here at the Monte Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort.

Both rooms of the event have been packed with tournaments, including the France Poker Series Main Event and High Roller, and the 34 cash game tables were also running at capacity yesterday.


So, right, there was this juicy $10/$20 PLO game...

The stakes range from a Monaco entry level of €2/€5 blinds all the way €200/€400, not to mention a specially run €500/€1,000 cash game that a couple of nights ago (which is where the pictures of Dan Cates and Team PokerStars Online's Ike Haxton are from). A lot of games are on offer, but yesterday it was easy to find a game at the Pot-Limit Omaha (PLO), No-Limit Hold'em (NLHE), Open-Face Chinese (OFC) and six-card Omaha tables. Games have been generally been playing eight-handed (with an obvious exception of OFC).


...and the guy tried to use one card from his hand for a four flush!

Blinds and rake
€2/€5: 3% capped at €15
€5/€10: 3% capped at €20
€10/€25: 3% capped at €20
€25/€50: 3% capped at €25
€50/€100: 3% capped at €25
€100/€200: 3% capped at €25
€200/€400: 3% capped at €25
Chinese Poker: €100 (€85 plus €15 dealer tip) per table every 30 minutes

*No flop, no drop. €1 per pot will be deducted (on the flop) to cover staffing costs


Boom. It blew my mind, man.

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