EPT10 Grand Final: Is a €241,000 bubble too much?

Is €100,000 a lot of money? Sure. Is €100,000 a lot of money to play a poker tournament? Absolutely. But does that mean that anyone with enough money to play the event is fine with a €241,000 bubble? Not necessarily.

PokerStars.tv's Sarah Grant caught up with cash game wizard Alec Torelli to speak about the effect a bubble worth quarter of a million dollars has on the players and the final table. The guy knows what he's talking about. He's done pretty well playing live tournaments considering that he doesn't really consider himself a big tournament player; he's bagged $1,502,154 in them to date.

NEIL4972_EPT10SAN_Ole_Schemion_Neil Stoddart.jpg

Ole Schemion and Talal Shakerchi in the €100,000 Super High Roller

Once a payout structure is set it's kind of tough to change. Of course when you get to two- or three-handed deals are easier to sort out, but when you have nine or ten players it's notoriously difficult to get experienced big stacks to agree to 'savers'.

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Don't forget, the Shamballa Jewels bracelet

"People don't like change," said Torelli. "Change is tough."

Unfortunately for Torelli, the price of a min-cash is now an irrelevance for the American. He has bust.

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