EPT10 Grand Final: Reigning champ Steve O'Dwyer on his (slim) chances of a repeat

Few people could accuse Steve O'Dwyer of being anything other than a realist, he's not a player taken to indulging in too many flights of fancy. We asked O'Dwyer how likely it would be to defend his title. The answer?

"I try to be completely realistic about everything I',m involved with in poker," said O'Dwyer. "It would be unrealistic to think that I could repeat, but it would be nice if I got lucky enough for it to happen."

We've also got two spoilers for you.

1) O'Dwyer is a lone wolf. (Sarah Grant's words, not O'Dwyer's.)

2) He's out. He bust at around 4.30pm on Day 2 of the EPT10 Grand Final Main Event.

(And in case you missed it, here's an interview we did with him last year after he won €1,224,000.)


Steve O'Dwyer: once is enough

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