EPT10 Grand Final: Roll up, roll up, last chance for High Roller registration

"I sold nine!" Kate Badurek, of the tournament staff, said with evident glee, as if manning a cake stall at the village fete. But these were expensive Battenberg slices on her trestle table: €25,000 a pop.

Badurek was actually standing behind the re-entry desk ahead of the resumption of the High Roller event here at the PokerStars and Monte-Carlo®Casino EPT Grand Final. She was dishing out another chance at the big time tombola for anyone with that kind of money.

Registration officially closed at the start of play today and that meant anyone eliminated yesterday, and who had saved their re-entry ticket, could now cash it in. Anyone wandering off the street for the first time could also give it a pop.

In the former category we found David Peters, Mohsin Charania, Griffin Benger, Fady Kamar, Toby Lewis, Enrico Leone de Picciotto and Max Altergott. In the latter fell Emil Patel and Conor Shelly, both of whom had run deep in the Main Event but busted yesterday and were now on the spin up in the High Roller.


David Peters: Back in the mix

"Can you give me a hundred?" Altergott said as Badurek handed over the chips. Altergott seemed disgusted at the measly allocation of chips you get when you re-enter on Day 2, a grand total of ten blues, worth 5,000 each, which arms you with 25 big blinds. To continue the village fete analogy, it must feel like plucking a ticket out of a raffle and winning the packet of freeze-dried soup.


Max Altergott, seated left, playing yesterday

The ignominy was compounded for Benger, who found pocket eights on the first hand, played them strongly, but ran into Martin Finger's pocket queens. Benger's thrill-ride lasted less than two minutes as Finger bashed the rat.


Griffin Benger: Off to play the €2,000 now

It will be fun and games for up to ten levels in the High Roller today as they attempt to slice a returning field of more than 110 to a final table of eight. The total number of entries rose to 205 with the new handful coming in this morning, which is a pretty startling field. The day's progress will include the announcement of the prize-pool, then the bubble period and then a charge into the highest-paying places.

It seems likely that the clock will tick out first, meaning they'll come back tomorrow and play down to a winner, perhaps from as many as 20. All that will be decided today, and you can watch the action unfold via the hand-by-hand updates on the main High Roller page. The Main Event continues on the Main Event page and EPTLive.