EPT10 Grand Final: When a feature table is not a feature table

How do you know you're at tournament that's not quite like any other? How about when there's a table featuring Isaac Haxton, Daniel Cates, Igor Kurganov, Daniel Negreanu, Tobias Reinkemeier, Gus Hansen and Erik Seidel and that's not the feature table.

It's a silly-good field out there today in Monaco as the €100,000 Super High Rollers play down to their final eight. The television cameras will begin the day trained on this other table, featuring Ole Schemion, Jason Mercier, Paul Newey, Phil Ivey, Justin Bonomo and Mike McDonald.

Yeah, that's pretty good too. (It'll actually also break slightly later than table Negreanu.)


Daniel Negreanu: A pretty solid table

You can watch all the action from that feature table on EPTLive and why don't you all take a close look at Schemion in particular. He's the hottest property in poker at the moment, and if you can figure out what he's doing that's different from all the rest, you'll be well on the way to being the best in the world.

The outer tables will all be covered today via our hand-by-hand coverage on the main Super High Roller page, where you'll also find all the chip counts. When players are eliminated today, they really are out. They're forced to the rail and they'll stay there.

The conversation was brisk on table Negreanu as they prepared to start proceedings this morning. Kid Poker himself was off on one about the strawberries of Monte Carlo. "You know the strawberries here are the best ever," Negreanu said. "They're the best I've had in my whole life. They're fresh, juicy. I inhaled them."

Reinkemeier popped a blueberry into his mouth. He had seemed proud of that punnett of blueberries until Negreanu told him that strawberries were where it's at.

Hansen plonked himself down at the table, carrying 18 chips -- ten the colour of blueberries and eight the colour of strawberries. The former are worth 5,000 and the latter are 25,000 each. Together they're worth 250,000 chips, which is a tournament buy-in. (Hansen also carried a brown paper envelope in which it seemed there was something more than some photocopying.)

Anyway, this is a very roundabout way of saying that action is under way in the Super High Roller today. Enjoy it. We should be here some time.

Howard Swains
@howardswains in European Poker Tour