EPT10 Vienna: Abra-Kebab-Ra! Bussman up to a million

There's a kebab shop in Australia that doesn't yet know that a baseball cap with the company logo on is serving as the lucky charm of a Swedish poker player playing a high stakes poker tournament in Vienna, Austria.

The Australian Abra-Kebab-Ra kebab shop may not realise it's breaking into the Viennese poker market, but they're doing wonders for Adrian Bussman, who wears their cap turned backwards with only 40 players left in the Main Event.

"A friend gave it to me when we were in Australia. I've been quite lucky while wearing it. They don't know. I'll have to go back and tell them."

By Saturday he may have reason to do so, with the Swede now sitting with more than a million chips after the first level of the day.

"It's going pretty good," said Bussman. "I lost a 450k flip with queen s against ace-king apart form that doing good. I'm on 1.15 million so."

The Festsaal

Part of that came by virtue of a hand just before the break against Oleksii Khoroshenin. Khoroshenin, who already looks glum, looked even gloomier as his threw his cards down onto the table.

Despite of the success this week, for Bussman this is not his game of choice. He usually spends his time in PLO cash games and the odd Sunday tournament, as well as trying his hand

"I play mostly PLO cash games online but I've been playing quite a bit on the EPT tour as well. But I don't play many tournaments online, apart from Sunday tournaments. I play PLO cash game, that's my main game."

That may be so, but his hold'em is turning a profit so far this year. In January he finished 17th in the main event for $80,700, and is now poised for his first "mainland" EPT cash. The lucky cap is doing its work.

Stephen Bartley is a PokerStars Blog reporter.