EPT10 Vienna: Dominik Panka on *that* PCA hand with Mike McDonald

Dominik Panka, a PokerStars sponsored player for this event no less, has made quite an impact on the 2014 world of poker. Not only did he beat Mike "Timex" McDonald at the PCA to win $1,423,096, but he also followed that up by taking the EPT Deauville High Roller title for another €270,000.


Dominik Panka, yesterday

The young Pole had been an unknown quantity. Scratch that. The young Pole had been an unknown - and had mainly played his way to the PCA final table out of the spotlight, bright as it was on the likes of McDonald, Isaac Baron and even the recently revealed Shyam Srinivasan, an online grinder of prodigious talent.

One hand in particular garnered a lot of attention. Panka four-bet shoved with pocket nines and McDonald called it off with king-jack. Many railers were confused by the call, but Panka explains a pretty big reason (aside from the fact that both players were exhausted) that McDonald may have made the call. Click the video below.


Panka at the PCA final table

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