EPT10 Vienna: Gavin O'Rourke, from the rail to the final table?

Gavin "gavonater" O'Rourke and Jude "j.thaddeus" Ainsworth are flying the flag for Ireland at the moment, or they were when we last checked their counts, good for around 500,000 and 900,000 respectively. While most online poker fans will know Ainsworth thanks to won the SCOOP Main Event a few years back for $963,338 fewer players may be away of O'Rourke.


Gavin O'Rourke


Jude Ainsworth

I interviewed O'Rourke, then a part-time player and full-time train driver, as chip leader of Day 1 of the first-ever UKIPT, which you can read here (scroll to the bottom of this post). Since then, O'Rourke has upped the stakes and is doing so well at the tables, winning WCOOPs and such, that's he's given the train up and steaming ahead on the tour. Both players are now guaranteed €12,600. Beats shovelling coal into a locomotive furnace.

PokerStars.tv's Sarah Grant caught up with O'Rourke earlier today. It's been a helluva journey.


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