EPT10 Vienna: Mads Hansen holds off the Habsburgs, leads in Vienna

We have now completed Day 1B of EPT10 Vienna and as yet nobody from the Habsburg dynasty has tried to repossess the family palace. The knights may well be camped around the corner intent on regaining their rightful territory, but we might as well just carry on until the chargers come.

The second sitting of our particular banquet this afternoon attracted 559 guests, of whom 318 made it through dessert and coffee. At what remains a particularly early stage of this week-long shindig, Mads Hansen sits at the top of the table, having bagged a grand old 200,000 tonight.


Mads Hansen: First man to 200,000

Hansen spent the day amid the massive throng on the main tournament floor, up the marble staircase, past the statues and beneath the ornate murals. But today was also the day on which the good citizens of EPT Live chose their own top table, from where some other stern challengers mounted their assault.


Our sumptuous surroundings in Vienna

Ole Schemion, the GPI Player of the Year, is nothing short of a sensation and yet again he built a stack. He finished with 102,800. Kevin MacPhee has been there before, and he has 128,800. Likewise Anton Wigg, who has 92,000.

Tatiana Barausova spent some long hours beneath the studio lights too, and she finished with close to 100,000. Eugene Katchalov, of Team PokerStars Pro, also started the day on the TV table. He finished with 80,200 and has the luxury of knowing he is also currently heads up for the Eureka High Roller event, which had to take an adjournment for this tournament to begin.


Tatiana Barausova and Igor Kurganov

Our other big stacks at this time are in front of:

Joni Jouhkimainen: 154,400
Sebastian Trisch: 146,200
Stefan Raschbauer: 135,200
Zoltan Gal: 135,100
Jonathan Roy: 130,800
Jozsef Olah: 129,200
Markus Golser: 123,800
Bertrand Grospellier: 118,000
Simeon Naydenov: 103,000
Ben Yu: 100,600

The following notables are also in the hunt.

Andrew Chen: 87,000
Jeff Rossiter: 85,900
Jamila von Perger: 85,000
Sam Trickett: 77,000
Kevin Stani: 75,900
Viktor Blom: 71,200
Johnny Lodden: 61,500
Max Lykov: 60,700
Philipp Gruissem: 60,400
Ronny Kaiser: 45,000
Alex Kravchenko: 38,000
Jan Heitmann: 37,400
Theo Jorgensen: 24,400


Johnny Lodden: Played through


Stacked table featuring Liv Boeree, Max Lykov and Salvatore Bonavena

The remaining players from today merge with the Day 1A survivors to play another six levels tomorrow, after which things will begin to take shape. Registration is open until the start of the day tomorrow, and a horde of players is currently amassing to play the last hyper turbo super satellite to get a ticket. They'll begin tomorrow with a stack of 30,000.

In the short hours between now and then, why not take a look back at some more of today's coverage. We started off by celebrating Natalie Hof's spectacular success in the Women's Event. We then provided a cut-out-and-keep guide to fitting in on the EPT.


Natalie Hof: Maiden victory

The YouTube sensation CommanderKrieger reported for duty, and we also looked at the unfairly under-rated players in the field.

Ivan Demidov struggled to keep his eyes open, before the Main Event entered happy hour.

There will be much more of the same tomorrow, so come right back. No...hey! Come back!

Howard Swains
@howardswains in European Poker Tour