EPT10 Vienna: Pablo Gordillo in the box seat as big names fall by the wayside

It is impossible to guess how many people died in either the construction or defence of the Hofburg Palace over its 600-year history. But put it this way, you can't maintain a dynasty without some blood being shed.

This week, as has been noted at length before, the European Poker Tour has moved into the stately residence once occupied by the swash-buckling, empire-ruling Habsburg family and as if to pay tribute to their memory, we took a sword to all manner of people over the five hours play today.

Indeed, of the 176 who started Day 3 of EPT Vienna, only 50 remain tonight. Noblemen like Bertrand Grospellier and Viktor Blom were rent asunder; fighters such as Gus Hansen, Jeff Rossiter and Ronny Kaiser sent to the gallows.


ElkY: flayed


Gus Hansen: slaughtered

The latter, Herr Kaiser, occupied the unluckiest position in the whole palace, busting one place before the feast really began. Only after Kaiser had lost with ace-king to Artem Metalidi's pocket tens was the war-chest prised open and the swag began to be shared.


Ronny Kaiser: not invited

Pablo Gordillo, a PokerStars qualifier from Spain, is the player wearing the crown tonight. He's our chip leader, with 2,111,000 chips. Spain has (in)famously not had an EPT champion and Caballero would make an unlikely first. He has earned little more than $3,000 from recorded poker tournaments in his career and suffice to say the €816,000 on offer to the winner here far outstrips that.


Pablo Gordillo: leader

To be fair to Caballero, there are only actually a few players left in the field who have amassed anything like that amount in their entire careers. But players like Jude Ainsworth (who finished with 788,000), Stephen Chidwick (340,000), Marcel Luske (512,000) and Johnny Lodden (477,000) know it is far from a foregone conclusion.


Jude Ainsworth: involved


Johnny Lodden: going to the ball

There are also big stacks in front of Anatoly Filatov (1,500,500) and Wilfried Harig (1,005,000) and another three days' play until we reach our champion.


Anatoly Filatov: chipped

Our coverage of the action today took a broad sweep of the room. We kicked off with Sebastien Trisch, who picked up where he left off. Then through cigarette smoke, we caught the figure of Jin Cai Lin.


Sebastien Trisch: still a big stack

It was David Vamplew versus Sam Trickett in one battle, and Jack Salter versus a cat in another.

Henrique Pinho was happy to talk about quick bubbles, while Gavin O'Rourke wondered if he could make it all the way from the rail to the final table.

We also examined the phenomenon of Alex Kravchenko phase of the tournament, while Richard Milne and Richard Milne took us to happy hour and back.

All the information about players busting today, plus hand-by-hand coverage from the day, can be seen in the panel on the top of the main EPT Vienna page. Play resumes tomorrow at noon and we'll likely play down to our last 16. Join us then.


Night falls on the Hofburg Palace

Howard Swains
@howardswains in European Poker Tour