EPT10 Vienna: Sebastien Trisch trashes poker polka to lead on Day 2

There was a moment earlier today when it proved difficult to recognise more than one name in the top ten listed on the chip count page. Several hours later at the close of play not much has changed.

It's the nature of an event of this size and magnitude that the odd surprise is thrown in for good measure. From the combined field of 910, the prize pool swelled to a massive €4,413,500, with €816,000 of that for the winner. No wonder the battle to seize the advantage threw up some unfamiliar names, albeit with one or two exceptions.

Sebastien Trisch is one such example, leading tonight with a stack of 568,500 now bagged up until tomorrow. He emerged out front after a typically high-spirited day of dancing around the prospect of elimination, a task at which most would fail.

Trisch leads a gallant, ragtag "band of others" to the close - Artur Koren on 463,000, Ali Abdalla on 451,800, Ivan Neytchev on 377,100 and Torsten Pischl on 366,600.


Chip leader Sebastien Trisch

It wasn't all about the unknowns, or even the now known unknowns. A flight of EPT success stories were on hand to fill in the gaps, among them Ronny Kaiser (299,600), Jonathan Roy (337,900), Marko Neumann (421,100), and Sam Trickett (290,000), who finished within reach of the lead.

Others coming back include Vladimir Geshkenbein (322,000), Joni Jouhkimainen (60,300), Gus Hansen (221,000), Marc-Andre Ladouceur (128,700), Marcel Luske (122,800), Kitty Kuo (38,100), and Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier (61,300). Their chips, and those of all players still in contention, are available on the live coverage page.


Gus Hansen

Their success would be built on the demise of others. Some 307 players from the 497 who started today were sent to the rail, leaving 189 in the field. Among them were names more familiar to followers of the tour. Mike McDonald, Dan Cates, George Danzer, Dimitar Danchev, Liv Boeree, Steve O'Dwyer, Martin Finger, Dermot Blain, Eoghan O'Dea, Zimnan Ziyard, Philipp Gruissem, Theo Jorgensen and Nicolas Chouity all took a turn at heading for the door.


Johnny Lodden and Theo Jorgensen (right)

We reported throughout the day on various subplots, some of which ended in defeat, but most of which were more interesting than the stories at the opposite end.

To start with there was the will-he-won't-he tale of Roman Cieslik who, in a never before seen manoeuvre at the end of Day 1A, had attempted to give his chips to someone else. Not dumping them in a hand, just handing them over. But he returned to turn surrender into attack. It was magnificent, until he busted at least.

Meanwhile Sarah Grant tried to pick her way through the mind of current superstar Dominik Panka, who talked us through "that hand" against Mike McDonald.

Not long after the start there was a vacancy for a new reigning champion after Michael Eiler arrived to say his goodbyes.


Michael Eiler

Zoltan Gal's story continued, while we asked the question "Are you the Crown Prince of Bavaria?" to Karl Ruprecht Prinz of Bavaria (the answer is yes).


Incognito: Karl Ruprecht Prinz of Bavaria

We attempted to answer the Finnish question, while Dominik Nitsche talked lollipops. All of which leads to this Segway about celebrating ten years of the EPT.


Vienna this evening

They'll be more tomorrow. See you then.

Stephen Bartley is a PokerStars Blog reporter.