EPT10 Vienna: Ukrainian Oleksii Khoroshenin leads at the end of Day 1A

It's usually in the last level of the day where the tension disappears and faces return to a more jovial state. It doesn't apply to everyone, but it's telling which side a player falls on. Are they in a good mood, or are they concentrating solely on making it into Day 2?

The former tend to be made up of the younger players, those like Christopher Frank, whose friend arrived to occupy the vacant seat to his right in the closing stages of the day, something which he found hilarious, like only a man of 19 can.


Christopher Frank

The other young men on his table shared in the joke - there's nothing funnier than a joke you're in on, and Frank was enjoying himself - apparently without a care in the world.

Michael Telker was in a similar situation, or at least it sounded like he was. Telker could be heard from across the room. His stack was high and so were his spirits. So much so he wanted more spirits, the tequila kind, which, when you're young, is the drink of choice when you're on a mission to celebrate even the smallest milestone.


Michael Telker (centre)

He was trying to get as much Patrone as he could with 13 euros. But they don't have Patrone in the Hofburg Palace, which Telker reasoned was because everyone here was boring. He laughed good-naturedly and settled for whatever booze they could bring him for 13 euros. It's fun to be young and chipped up.

Others took a different approach as the bell tolled. Serious expressions seemed more appropriate, mainly among the older players, those with a sharper understanding of what part money plays in everything. But the fortunate will return again on Tuesday, when the excitable youths will have calmed down, and all can be serious again.


Chip leader Oleksii Khoroshenin

One of those returning will be tonight's chip leader Oleksii Khoroshenin, who bagged up 171,900 at the close as the exception to the rule -- young, but very serious looking.

He will be the benchmark for those starting their EPT Vienna campaign tomorrow, the second half of what's expected to be an enormous field. A venue such as this deserves nothing less.

Joining him, from the 185 survivors from today, will be selected figures, including Dzmitry Urbanovich on 163,400, Jesper Hogg on 149,200, Dominik Nitsche on 138,000, and Vladimir Geshkenbein on 130,000. Team PokerStars Pros Marcel Luske and Enrique Pinho will also return for Day 2.


Vladimir Geshkenbein, with beer

You can find read back through all the action from today, starting with a little about the venue", and its surroundings", and how the Eureka got this whole thing started.


The Festsaal

Along the way we learnt a little about Felix Schulze, who'll play the main event tomorrow thanks to his prowess in the Flipout contest, and little about who won't, thanks to the scientific method known as hunch.

The last Vienna champion was Michael Eiler, who won his title in what was a different era for the game. Meanwhile Michael Piper was making his return to the tour, while Jack Salter talked about being a professional's professional.

For everything else there's our live coverage page which details all the action and the chip counts for today.

That's all for tonight, join us again tomorrow.

Stephen Bartley is a PokerStars Blog reporter.