EPT11 Barcelona: Chipped up and chatty, Morten Klein leads Super High Rollers into final day

A friend of Morten Klein arrived at the rail a few feet behind his seat on the outer table. She's a blond friend who has reacted well to the Spanish sunshine, and wears a pencil skirt. She was carrying a glass of lager, which she insisted should go to Klein. All in all things are pretty good for the Norwegian.

Refreshed, chipped up and chatty, Klein, whose only blemish is a Hello Kitty Band Aid on his left heel, spent the last few levels tonight living it up. To his left was his new friend. Klein joked with Scott Seiver, he laughed with Scott Seiver, he hugged Scott Seiver--an affection brought on by shared experience and prompt refills of local ale.

morten_klein_ept11barce_shr_d2_w2.jpgChip leader tonight, Morten Klein

But Klein, who we featured earlier, was locked in for a min-cash, and didn't care. Unlike Scott Seiver.

Seiver was the short stack as things got tense. Not that you could tell as he revelled with his new friend Morten, even enduring what proved to be one of the more entertaining small blind shoves we've ever seen.

scott_seiver_ept11barce_shr_d2w.jpgScott Seiver

But then, it would not be Seiver but Anthony Gregg leaving on the bubble.

"Scott's in the money!" yelled Klein on hearing the news, promoting everyone to laugh.

"Act like you've been here before!" implored Seiver, unable to keep anything like a straight face. His had been a narrow escape.

But Morten hadn't been here before and didn't seem to care. He was about to bag up the chip lead going into the final day with just nine players remaining.

Morten Klein - 3,780,000
Vladimir Troyanovskiy - 3,370,000
Sven Reichardt - 3,225,000
Dan Shak - 2,690,000
Olivier Busquet - 2,045,000
Dan Colman - 1,420,000
Scott Seiver - 1,310,000
Sam Trickett - 760,000
Mustapha Kanit - 690,000

The story of how these and not those reached Day 3 can be found on our live coverage pages, where the hand for hand action from today tells the full story. Suffice to say there were stories behind the departures of Vanessa Selbst, Martin Jacobson, Ole Schemion, Jason Mercier, Mike McDonald and Daniel Negreanu, as there were for others--Ryan Fee specifically, whose departure brought the day to an end. Their attention now turns to the Main Event, which starts on Thursday, and a bid to recoup some of those buy-ins.

For now you can read about The rise and rise of Fedor Holz, as well as a new record for the Estrellas Poker Tour.

As part of the EPT100 festivities Sarah Grant spoke to players about their favourite EPT of the past 100, while Jason Mercier talked about the day that became his best and his worst at the same time.

all_in_triange_ept11barce_shr_d2w.jpgThe all-in triangle was put to good use today

While the old guard took their now familiar seats in the Super High Roller, a few new faces began to emerge, including chip leader this morning Ryan Fee. It was enough to raise the question of whether there was a changing of the guard taking place.

There were other questions as the day panned out, amid some Altman-esque eight-channel sound. While Mustapha Kanit led at the half way stage many were left asking "where is the star?" as play continued without a number of recognisable faces.

morten_klein_ept11barce_shr_d2w.jpgI know for a fact this is not a picture of Morten Klein feeling sad

So while Anthony Gregg's departure burst the bubble. An hour or so later the combined exits of Ryan Fee and Jake Schindler brought Day 2 to a close, with just the final table tomorrow next to play. That starts at 1pm local time, but EPT Live will begin an hour later at 2pm complete with hole cards up. So that's a one hour delay but you won't miss a thing.

Stephen Bartley is a staff writer for the PokerStars Blog.