EPT11 Barcelona: Still time to pick your Fantasy Poker Manager Team

Have you selected your FantasyPokerManager team yet? You still have time to take part in this new contest that could earn you a first prize worth €2,000. All you need to do is pick a team, including at least one Team PokerStars Pro, and have faith in your fortune telling skills.

As you may have read last week, it's powered by the Global Poker Index and lets you draft your players from a database, pinning your allegiance to them for the duration of the 11th EPT season. Now, you cal also select teams for the EPT Super High Roller and Main Event in Barcelona.

gpi_fantasy_screen_grab.jpgWho will you pick?

It goes without saying that there are prizes up for grabs with great rewards for those able to turn hunch, fandom or cold hard analysis into points, with first place earning a €2,000 national tour package.

But if you need a little guidance on who might make the best pick the stats below might help show the mood of the poker public--who has the "Big Mo" and who sits quietly at the back of poker's collective imagination.

If tournament results were determined by sheer force of will then it would be Daniel Negreanu who would be winning 62.85 per cent of the time (doesn't he win about 62.85 per cent of the time anyway?). That's the percentage of people who have picked Kid Poker for their team, some way ahead of the second most popular pick Phil Ivey, who was snagged by 47 per cent of players.

daniel_negreanu_fpm.jpgNumber one pick for more than 62 per cent of FPM players: Daniel Negreanu

Back in third place was another Team Pro Eugene Katchalov who has the support of nearly 38 per cent of participants, ahead of Ole Schemion with just less than 35 per cent.
To get a better idea of how this global poker popularity contest is shaping up, check out the current top ten.

Daniel Negreanu - 62.85%
Phil Ivey - 47.38%
Eugene Katchalov - 37.88%
Ole Schemion - 34.96%
Igor Kurganov - 33.86%
Tobias Reinkemeier - 32.64%
Vanessa Selbst - 27.16%
Fabian Quoss - 26.31%
Sam Trickett - 24.60%
Liv Boeree - 23.14%

And remember, the rules state that you must select at least one Team PokerStars Pro. Here's how they're selling (both Team Pro and Online) in order of preference.

Daniel Negreanu - 62.85%
Eugene Katchalov - 37.88%
Vanessa Selbst - 27.16%
Liv Boeree - 23.14%
Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier - 22.17%
Jason Mercier - 19%
Johnny Lodden - 17.9%
Jake Cody - 15.10%
Alex Kravchenko - 7.31%
Isaac Haxton - 6.46%

Need some time to sort through your options? You have until the clock strikes go at the start of play on Day 2, in both the Super High Roller and the Main Event, to get your line up chosen. Your budget is $1 million. Put your trading skills to the test, but spend it wisely.

Personally speaking we'll be up through the night picking our team (our years of watching poker close up will be exposed a sham by our team "PSBlogIncorporated"). For more information, and to start building your own FPM team, visit the dedicated EPT Fantast Poker Manager page.

Stephen Bartley is a staff writer for the PokerStars Blog.