EPT11 London: Seeing double

We're big fans of Mrs Victoria Coren Mitchell let us state that for the record right here, right now. But, whilst her victory at EPT San Remo and the subsequent mainstream interest it generated was brilliant for poker, for us it robbed us of something we liked to talk about. A lot.

For season upon season we could trot out the line that they'd never been a double EPT winner, with Coren's victory that crutch was unceremoniously whipped from under our arm. But here deep in the EPT London Main Event another prospect has emerged, that of another double EPT winner.

At the time of writing just 55 players remain in the Main Event and more than 10% of them already have a EPT Main Event title to their name. That's a decent shot at a double to our mind. Let's take a look at the runners and riders


Nicolas Chouity

Nicolas Chouity, EPT6 Grand Final Champion
With 630,000 at the beginning of the level Nicolas Chouity was leading the pack of former champions. He recently eliminated Mihails Morozovs with aces against king-queen to move up to 675,000.

Kevin MacPhee, EPT6 Berlin Champion:
Chip wise MacPhee sits second of the remaining champions, having begun level 18 with 575,000 which meant he was safely nestled within the top 10. He started the day with 277,000 and although there was no hand for hand play, he chipped up a lot during the bubble period.

Jake Cody, EPT6 Deauville Champion
Cody is another Season 6 winner who's enjoying a good day's poker. Large swathes of today have been spent under the bright lights of the #EPTLive feature table. The details of the biggest hand he's played today are below, needless to say it was aggressive poker that's got him chipped up.

Benny Spindler, EPT8 London Champion
Victory for Spindler would see him become the first player to win two EPT titles in the same city (yes we're clutching at straws here) and Spindler was in good shape at the start of the level as he had 380,000, so over 60 big blinds. Spindler's been busy doing what he does best today, namely eliminating people. He took care of Robert Kuhn and Pierre Chevalier in the same hand during Level 18.

Liv Boeree, EPT6 San Remo Champion
Liv Boeree's got an above average stack of almost half a million now after doubling through Ilan Boujenah a short time ago.

She was getting the right price to call all-in on the turn of a 9♦3♦4♣J♣ board with A♣3♣ and was up against Boujenah's pocket queens. A 5♣ on the river kept her alive though. She's another who's spent time on #EPTLive today and she's very close to securing her second highest finish on the EPT, if she finishes 48th or higher she'll have done just that.


Another victory for Boeree?

Mickey Petersen, EPT8 CopenhagenMickey Petersen's week got off to the best possible start when he found a $5,000 poker chip in an old hoodie. It could finish with a bang too if he makes it all the way to the final table here in London.

He's got a little bit of work to do as he's currently got a stack of 252,000 which is a touch over 30 big blinds. That's plenty of chips for a man like Petersen.

There were actually seven former winners in at the start of level 18 but during the last level David Vamplew was eliminated. Level 19, with blinds of 4,000/8,000 ante 1,000 is about to start.

Updated champions chip counts:
Nicolas Chouity, 675,000
Kevin MacPhee, 575,000
Jake Cody, 532,000
Liv Boeree, 495,000
Benny Spindler, 380,000
Mickey Petersen, 252,000

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Nick Wright
@PokerStars in European Poker Tour